About Us

Municipal Utility District (MUD) may engage in water supply, conservation, irrigation, drainage, fire fighting, solid waste collection and disposal, wastewater treatment, and recreational activities.  The statutes pertaining to the creation of these districts may be found in Texas Water Code, Chapter 54.

Harris County MUD 50's ("MUD 50") office is located at 12900 Crosby-Lynchburg Road,  Barrett Station, TX  77532.  We provide  water  and sewer services to residential and commercial customers.  We also provide solid waste collection and disposal (trash pick-up) to residential customers.

Harris County MUD 50 is governed by a five member Board of Directors elected by the residents of Barrett Station. We are a political subdivision of the State of Texas, located in Harris County Precinct 2. We are  subject to the continuing supervision of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). The Board establishes policies in the interest of its residents and utility customers. The Board may adopt and enforce all necessary charges, fees and taxes in order to provide district facilities and service.

We employ a District Manager, Operators, and Customer Representatives who handle administrative matters and day to day operations of MUD 50.  Additionally, we hire consultants with expertise in handling the engineering, environmental, repairs/maintenance, legal, and financial concerns of MUD 50.