New Service Request

Welcome to the Harris County MUD 50 Community. 

All residents in Harris County Municipal Utility District 50 are required to provide the following items before water services will be initiated or transferred:

1.  Lease Agreement or Proof of Ownership

2.  Valid Identification

3.  Current utility bill in the name of the person setting up services at the new address

4.  Security Deposit of $150.00 (residential), $250.00 (commercial, excluding car washes/laundromats).   Security Deposit of  $550.00 for Car washes and Laundromats.  All deposits will be paid in advance.

5. Connection Fee of $60.00 (residential) or $175.00 (commercial).  All connection fees will be paid in advance. 

6.  Connection Application

7.  Signed Service Agreement

Once these items are received the water services will be turned on.

We Happily Accept The Following Payment Methods:

Money Order / Checks

Scan Documents Please do not Email Photos

Email all forms to (Spanish)  M.JONES@HCMUD50.COM  (English) A.NARCISSE@HCMUD50.COM